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Cupid Car Club - demo #1

So why don't we start the "Chris Thomson 2009 Tape Dump" out with a bang? Here's the first of two demo tapes that were in the box of the Cupid Car Club. Yes, there's two.

Cupid Car Club has become one of those bands whose influence far surpasses their one meager single, and this tape proves it. Seven songs, decent fidelity. Bang. Genius.

There's really little to nothing known about CCC so do a brief scuttling about the interwebs and see that I ain't joking. All you need to know is 3/4 of Nation of Ulysses and Kim Thompson. Seventeen years later and people are still trying to steal their moves.


  Cupid Car Club - MP Skulkers_Cool Mother Star
  Cupid Car Club - Grapejuice Plus (demo)
  Cupid Car Club - Child Custody Command (demo)
  Cupid Car Club - We're The Hurtin' Kind
  Cupid Car Club - Vapor Rub Out
  Cupid Car Club - 2 Stroke Motobecan

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