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Monorchid - '96 demo

Yeah, I know. Holy fucking shit.

This, of course, is another entry in the now legendary "Chris Thomson Tape Dump of 2009" which just happened to show up in my mail box one day last month. Obviously I've been a massive fan of Chris's work for over 20 years now and to get a rare glimpse into what he was doing after Circus Lupus and before Monorchid's first full length is a fucking TRIP!

©Pat Graham, 1997

All that I know about this demo is that it's from 1996 and predates versions of these songs on singles and the first full length. Early vocal takes. Some lyrics that don't match up. Just a great listen altogether. Oh, and completely with the permission of the band to those that are pissing all over these otherwise great finds.

Monorchid at Jabberjaw, LA ©Ben Clark

Regrettably, this is the only Monorchid tape that's worth hearing from the box. There's a boombox recording of them performing at the Black Cat in '97, but I really am sparing you. It's unlistenable.

Oh! And the only track I didn't include on this posting is an alternate take of "Poison Test" which, if you email me, I'd be happy to send you. I can only post a max of ten items on the site, so sue me that I only give you TEN PREVIOUSLY UNHEARD MONORCHID DEMOS instead of eleven, you thankless bastards!

"The Monorchid should be credited with totally revitalizing the weak and diseased DC music community, and as we pull ourselves to the top of the heap we are going to bring every other DC band with us and that's a promise."

Sincerely, The Monorchid (1997)

at CMU, Pittsburgh ©Drew McDermott

  Monorchid - Poison Test ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Who Put Out the Fire ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Midget Housing ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Distortion ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Dead Signal ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Curse Of The Potty Trained Children ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Controversial Trousers ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Chompers ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Bitch Test ('96 demo)
  Monorchid - Babies ('96 demo)

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