Chunklet: Chafing America's Ass Since 1992
Chunklet comes out with little regard to a set schedule only because the contributors are busy with their other activities such as being in bands, work, family, putting out records, habitual laziness, television, our lord and savior Jesus Christ and internet porn.

Here's a few interviews/features about Chunklet that might interest you:
The Onion
The Village Voice
Pitchfork Media
Creative Loafing
Flagpole Magazine
Flagpole Magazine (again)
Flagpole Magazine (and again)
LA Weekly
Eye Weekly (Canada!)

Are you dying to hear our voices? We hear them every day:
The Best Show on WFMU (interview on 6/6/06, hail satan!)
The Sound of Young America (interview on 6/10/06, try podcasting it!)

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Chunklet 20
The Last Magazine Ever Printed
The last issue? Hmmmm. That's a good question.

But think about it. Magazines are drying up left and right and Paste Magazine still stands. ...

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Chunklet 19
The Overrated Issue Part Two
Yes! Finally! The yang to the yin of issue 18! Another lovely specimen including interviews with Stella, Eugene Mirman and The Naked Tr...

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Chunklet 18
The Overrated Issue Part One
The first part of a two issue mega-issue. Gee, you would think that we would've thought it out better and just put out the "Overra...

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Chunklet 17
Pay Not To Play
Filled with love. Filled with hate. Extensive (perhaps exhaustive is a better word) feature with Mission of Burma, lengthy Mr Show tour...

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Chunklet 16
The Shit List
Ah yes, we remember that year. Chunklet could take on all foes! And this was the result. A 160+ page tome dedicated to the worst bands ...

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Chunklet 15
The 100 Biggest Assholes In Rock
Man, some people REALLY can't take a joke and this issue was the first to prove that point conclusively. Some of our best interviews......

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Chunklet 14
The Mad Magazine Issue
Issue 14 aka The Mad Magazine Issue aka The Cease & Desist Issue Features include Wh...

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Chunklet 12
Chunklet....In Space!
Issue 12 aka Chunklet In Space Features include The Moog, Moon Radio, Guru Bob, Krautrock, The Star War...

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Chunklet 11
Issue 11
Our first professionally printed issue. Again, this seems like an eternity ago. Came with a snazzy Don Caballero 7" which we still...

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Chunklet 10
Issue 10
Another awesome cover by cartoonist Ted Rall and an issue we still look upon fondly. And hell, it's when we'd actually do interviews wi...

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Chunklet 08
Issue 8
The Piels Brothers artwork on the cover was printed on actual grocery bags which we cut down individually at Kinko's one night. It was ...

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Chunklet 07
Issue 7
This was one of those issues where I just learned how to use a computer to do design and way too much writing (most poorly) in a short ...

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Chunklet 05
Issue 5
God, this issue was so long ago that just thinking about it is foggy. The big thing with this issue is that it had pages which we'd nev...


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